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Q. How can I approach you for a distributorship? We welcome all opportunities for growth... please contact us with your enquiry and details and you will get a prompt response from Lotus. Q. How soon will I get a response after I submit my personal information? Give us up to a week!!! Q. How can I get the detailed specification of your products? Please contact us for an email/phone call about the same for a prompt response about the same. Email : info@lotuschocolate.com Phone No. : +91-40-23352607 / 23352608 / 23352609
Q. What is the white, blotchy stuff sometimes found on chocolate? Bloom a white, filmy residue on chocolate. When stored in non-optimum temperature i.e. generally warmer areas, some of the cocoa butter in the chocolate separates from the cocoa solids forming the bloom. The product is not affected by this and should be still fit for consumption. Q. Why do we have emulsifying agents in chocolate? Emulsifying agents like lecithin are basically used to reduce the viscosity, or thickness of chocolate. Hence giving it a smoother texture for more full filling consumption. Q. What are covertures? "Covertures" - French for "covering" is a chocolate that has more cocoa butter approximately 33% - 38%. This type of chocolate is used as a coating for delicacies like truffles and in making the base for center filled chocolates and pralines. Q. What kind of chocolate products can be manufactured? Apart from milk, dark and white... chocolate which are the taste profiles associated with chocolate. The processed chocolate can be further segregated into.
  • Moulded
  • Enrobed
  • Panned
Moulded chocolates, as the name suggests, are made using moulds. The concept is very simple. A mould of the desired shape is made and liquid chocolate is poured into it and made to set. The set chocolate that comes out is moulded chocolate. Your plain chocolates and chocolates mixed with various inclusions, both common and exotic, are moulded chocolates. The Lotus brands are under this category are.
  • Chuckles
  • Tango
  • Kajoos
  • Maltys
  • Superr Carr
Chocolates that are of dual nature or that have two types of mouth-feel ingredients in them one over the other are called enrobed chocolates. The primary thing about these chocolates is that you not only get to have a chocolate but another type of snack as well. The chocolate envelopes the snack or vice versa and as you bite into it, a beautiful feeling of melting chocolate and a crisp snack or a chewy caramel with wholesome nougatine gives you a delightful mouth feel. Lotus has the following products in this category.
  • Gobble
  • High 5
Then, there are chocolates that look like having the properties of an 'egg' a hard exterior and a soft chocolate interior. And more often than not, these are much smaller in size than all chocolates. This is because they are formed by a process that can be described as 'catching drops of chocolate in a mould'. While the exterior is sugar coating in vibrant colours, it is hardened to give a definitive shape to the product. The brand from Lotus that is in this category is.
  • On & On
Q. Isn't Chocolate bad for health? In moderation it is good for health... some preliminary studies have indicated that.
  • Chocolate can relieve pain by releasing endorphins in the brain.
  • In the right quantities chocolate boosts ones appetite but doesn't necessarily cause weight gain.
  • Dark Chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.
Q. Doesn't chocolate cause pimples? MYTH.... chocolate does not cause acne... and this universal belief that chocolate causes acne has been disproved by doctors for some time now. Q. Can I give chocolate to my dog (cat, bird, other pet)? No. Generally for all pets, a small chocolate bar can be poisonous if not lethal, especially for small puppies. The theobromine in chocolate that stimulates the cardiac and nervous systems is too much for animals to cope with. Q. Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? Chocolate contains small quantities of caffeine, theobromine and phenyethylamine that can make one giddy. Caffeine, a well known stimulant coupled with theobromine that stimulates the heart and the nervous system and phenyethylamine, an anti-depressant are all present in trace quantities in a chocolate bar. The trio molecules makes you more hyper and full of energy, it can also make your heart race... a feeling that has been associated with love; and hence chocolate is linked to being an aphrodisiac apart from being the food of the gods!!!